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Juvenile Offender Tracking Program Statutory Language in Oklahoma
Oklahoma Statutes Citationized
Title 10A. Children and Juvenile Code
Article 2 – Oklahoma Juvenile Code
Juvenile Offender Tracking Program
Article Chapter 7 – Juvenile Justice
Section 2-7-901 – Creation and Purpose of Juvenile Offender Tracking Program
Cite as: O.S. §, __ __

A. There is hereby created the Juvenile Offender Tracking Program for the purpose of:

1. Establishing an accurate and accessible data base with information on juvenile offenders readily available to law enforcement agencies, juvenile court personnel, district attorneys, and others who require such information; and

2. Enhancing community control of crime through information sharing regarding juvenile offenders that can be used by patrol officers and criminal investigators for the early identification of offenders and assist in the reduction of crime.

B. Sections 2-7-901 through 2-7-905 of this title shall be known and may be cited as the “Juvenile Offender Tracking Program”.

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